Saturday, October 26, 2013

- Featured artist MB is a superior painter of classical natural masculine beauty.
- MB is a self-taught artist.  He was born in rural upstate New York.  His earliest works typically had science fiction or fantasy themes.
- In 1998, MB discovered the impact and exposure provided by the internet.  He created a personal website which allowed him to show his artwork to the world, and soon he was receiving compliments on his subject matter, style, and technique.  In 2000, with much success, he started selling his originals through the web, and followed two years later with fine art prints.
- In 2003, MB left his secure day job of over 10 years to become a full-time artist.  Now living in central Massachusetts, he enjoys the support of his close friends and countless fans.
- Click on the photographs with landscape or horizontal positionings, (especially), for enlarged versions.























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