Sunday, April 14, 2013

- Something different for this post.
- Links for films at the Vimeo site.
- Classical completely natural masculine beauty.
- Left click on each of the links below, and then left click on the play arrows to start each of the films.

- Vintage Men:

- I highly recommend that you turn down the volume for these vintage men links, so there is no audio for distraction, and, instead, just focus on the visual slideshow presentations.

Model RI.

Model RB.

Model SM.

Model TP.

- Dance / Performance / Stage:

- The two men in the following 4 ATP films are handsome, with awesome fit physiques, and with exceptional strength, coordination, athleticism, and stamina.  Their nude segments in each of the films brilliantly presents classical completely natural masculine beauty.

ATP. Extracto 6 Minutos.

ATP. Extracto 20 Minutos.

ATP. Registro de obra escénica. Primera Parte.

ATP. Registro de obra escénica. Segunda Parte.

- Miscellaneous Masculinity:

Correr 1.

Correr 2.