Tuesday, May 8, 2012

- Model CW photographed by CM.
- CW is an exceedingly handsome man, with perfect hair length and hair style, and an awesome athletic physique.
- He is completely naturally hairy, everywhere, which is one of his finest features.
- CW is a masterpiece of classical natural masculine beauty.
- He is one of the finest models that I have seen in years.
- It is exceptional and brilliant the way the lighting illuminates and captures CW's hair and skin.
- The contrast of the colors of his hair and skin with the darker background (positive and negative spaces) enhances this as well. 
- I congratulate CW and CM for their excellent collaboration and resulting series of outstanding images.
- More photographs of CW by CM will be added as soon as possible. 
- Left click just outside of the lower left corners of each image for enlargements to their original sizes.
- Enjoy.










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